Yankees Sign SS Troy Tulowitzki

Late into Tuesday night on the first day of what hopes to be a great year in New York, the Yankees have reportedly agreed to a contract with veteran SS Troy Tulowitzki.

While many people at first might see this deal makes the Yankees out of the Manny Machado race, I would beg to differ. According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, Tulowitzki is signing a league-MINIMUM deal with the bombers. This is important as it shows the Yankees clearly see Tulowitzki as a potential SafeNet if they do in fact are not able to sign Machado.

The five-time All-Star and two-time Gold Glove winner has battled injuries for nearly his entire career, averaging just 115 games per season in the last 11 seasons. Playing just 66 games in 2017 for the Toronto Blue Jays, bone spurs in both heels prevented him from taking the field in 2018. Leading to the Blue Jays releasing him last month.

Throughout his career, Tulowitzki has worn number 2 in honor of his idol and former Yankees captain and Shortstop Derek Jeter. Also, many speculated back in 2014 and some with absolute certainty that Tulowitzki would be in the Bronx in 2015 taking over for his idol. How ironic is it now that he might be filling for the guy who took his almost “certain” spot in taking over for Derek Jeter.

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