UMass Sports Broadcasting Highlights

I have recently returned from a two-week summer program at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. During my time at Amherst, I had the pleasure of taking a Sports Broadcasting Course taught by two amazing professors in Steve Fox and Greeley Kyle, with Mike Knittle assisting us as well.

In my course, I learned about the proper techniques of being a broadcaster, including how to operate a studio camera, how to produce shows, write articles, and much more.

I was also given an amazing chance of having the ability to interview Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Men’s Tennis, Football, and Hockey Teams, Clayton Kirven. As well as Freshmen Hockey players Anthony Del Gaizo and Ty Farmer.

At the end of the course, I had the chance to create a newscast and anchored one of them as well as producing one of them (link below).

Besides being in class, I made some amazing new friends from all around the world, enjoyed the country’s number 1 ranked campus food, and had a weekend outing to Six Flags New England.

This course also helped me know that I do want to go forward with working somewhere in the sportsworld in the future!


Anchored Broadcast

Broadcast Produced

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